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When reviewing a claim file, you need to determine if the claim handling by the insurance carrier meets all applicable state regulations as well as meeting the industry custom & practice standards.  Mr. Zeigon through his many years of experience in the insurance industry has gained claim-handling acumen, and can provide the expertise required to provide a thorough and detailed analysis of the claim file.   


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Located in Southern California Mr. Zeigon is available for local or other jurisdiction assignments if requested.

Background of Frank T. Zeigon

I have worked in various claim capacities for major national insurance carriers since 1966. I will provide a detailed CV upon request. I have worked as branch level adjuster, supervisor, claims unit manager, home office examiner, regional and zone level supervisor during my years working in the Insurance Industry.  I am experienced in both direct handling and supervising the most complex claim issues. I have experience in Property, Auto, General Liability, Personal and Commercial lines claims, and Inland Marine. I am familiar with D&O, Association Liability, Medical and Dental Malpractice claims.   I retired in 1998 and became a Claims Consultant providing - Mediation, Litigation, Claim Consulting & Adjusting Services. I am an expert in claim handling custom and practice, claim adjusting, coverage interpretation, and SIU practices. This includes complex claim handling issues; claim community standards; serving as an expert witness, appraiser, umpire, mediator and other claim handling and adjusting services.  In 2008 I returned to work for an Insurance Carrier as a commercial property claims manager for 13 western states. I retired in November 2013 have again returned to claims consulting and appraisal/umpire assignments.

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